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At Next Level Training, we offer an unrivaled combination of high-level experience, state-of-the-art facilities, and an intense desire to see our trainees succeed. We make it our mission to share our passion and knowledge of soccer to a new generation of athletes. Thanks to our relentless pursuit of the best curriculum, unmatched training methods, and incredible staff, we have grown to become the number one soccer training company in the United States

We offer a wide range of classes for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Our method focuses on developing confidence and technical ability in order to help our athletes reach their full potential.

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As a family we can’t say enough about Next Level Training. The experience that we have with each of the trainers is amazing. We witnessed Aaron and his team of trainers take our late-to-the-game 12 year old and, over a period of 5 years, provide her with a level of training that developed her technical skills, soccer acumen, and confidence to be competitive as a Division I collegiate soccer player. The environment they provide elite players in high school, collegiate and professional training sessions can not be matched. What is even more impressive is the personal mentoring and encouragement they provide along the way.
Pejman A, NLT Parent
My oldest daughter, a 2024 Vanderbilt soccer commit, has attended NLT for several years. My only regret is not starting her in the program sooner. Without a doubt, Next Level Training is the premier supplemental training program for aspiring soccer players in the Midwest. I didn’t know what level my kids would achieve in their soccer careers when we started at NLT but what’s most important to me Is that they look forward to it. When I drop my kids off at NLT, they sprint out of the car with smiles on their faces and when I pick them up, they may look a little tired, but they still have that same smile.
Katie F, NLT Parent
Just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone at Next Level... My son, Joshua, did not make the school team last year. He started training with you right after he was cut. The same coach that cut him last year told him he saw a “big improvement” this time around, and he made the team! You guys made the difference!!! Thanks again.
Heather F, NLT Parent
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Next-Level for the work they have done with Aarav. I have seen his skills develop from the first time he was introduced to Next Level last summer, when he was playing for a B-team of an average club to now, when he is playing for an A-team of a very competitive club. Doing the camps and the regular technical training throughout the year has been key to bringing him where he is today. Continuing with Next Level for me is a no- brainer and truly well worth the money.
Rajiv A, NLT Parent
Class act all the way around: Energetic, professional, motivating, and challenging. Next Level Training kept the group focused and on task working hard with 100% effort the entire session. Every player in attendance enjoyed the training and the atmosphere NLT provided. The only question afterwards was “when do we get to train with Aaron again”. Best technical training I have seen, well done!!!
Chad S, NLT Parent

NLT is first class. If you are looking for excellent skills/technical training for your child at a high level, this is the place to be. We can’t thank the coaches enough for their dedication toward building confidence in our eager player. As long as our daughter continues to love the game, we will continue to work under the direction of Next Level Training.

Jenn W, NLT Parent

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